Business Class, a Ruby on Rails SaaS Starter Kit

Josef Strzibny
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Last update: 3rd September, 2023.

Current version: v1.1.

A story behind Business Class

If you are like me, you always avoided selling paid products.

Thinking about international taxes always made me feel uneasy. It was Gumroad which finally pushed me to build my first paid product. My book sold 900 copies to this day.

Paddle is a payment provider which acts as a merchant of record and collect international tax on your behalf. It's like Gumroad but for your SaaS.

Since my dream is to build a successful subscription business I built this Rails SaaS template around Paddle so you and me can finally shoot for the moon.

A SaaS starter kit

Business Class is a brand new SaaS boilerplate for Rails designed to be close to Rails defaults and work with the Paddle payment processor.

  • Staying close to Rails defaults let you enjoy Rails as it was designed and use all official guides.
  • Using Paddle Billing let's you avoid the hassle of European VAT, because as Paddle acts as a merchant of record.

Check out the official website at

Watch the demo:

As of 3rd September 2023, Business Class is the first and only Rails template supporting Paddle Billing.


  • Standard Rails - Business Class is built with all the common conventions and stays as close to vanilla Rails as possible. That means Hotwire, Active Storage or Minitest.
  • Just a template - Your product won't have any reference to Business Class whatsoever. No private gems, no Business Class named modules, nothing. This is your application.

Core features

  • Authentication - Devise-based authentication workflows including email confirmations, account locking, 2-factor authentication with OTP, and more.
  • Teams - Team spaces with team roles, invitations, and possibility to rename the team features to whatever your application needs.
  • Subscriptions - Paddle subscriptions on top of the Pay gem attached to whoever starts a subscription, but manageable by all team owners. A possibility to offer free subscriptions or pause current plans.
  • Internationalization - Timezones and locales for users, localized strings, default English translations, basic translation workflow as well as automated tests for missing and unused translations.
  • Admin - A custom admin interface for basic management of users, teams, and subscriptions. Sidekiq and PgHero dashboards.
  • API - A token-based authentication compared in a time-constant manner and request throttling included.
  • Scaffolding - A powerful new scaffolding for team-based resources. Like Rails own scaffold just adjusted for Business Class.
  • Theme - A default Bulma theme that's easy to configure for your own assets and brand colors.
  • Tests - A unit, controller, and system test coverage of the whole kit with Rails-default Minitest.
  • Developer experience - From database Docker Compose setup, to quick log-in as in development and production, to fake subscriptions, to automatic GitHub CI.


I am a Rails practitioner since Rails 2.0. I worked as a CTO of a Rails-based startup Cloudaper, senior Rails engineer at Phrase, Ruby and Rails Linux packager at Red Hat. I authored several gems such as invoice-printer or gem-compare, maintain devise-otp and contributed to many more gems. I wrote a book on deploying Rails applications Deployment from Scratch which sold over 950 copies.


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Business Class, a Ruby on Rails SaaS Starter Kit

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